About Last City

In the distant future, the earth's atmosphere became very dangerous for humans. Most of us fled into space… One last city remained, protected under a huge Dome. We don't know much about what's left outside.

But we know our Dome won't last forever… So we designed Drones to build platforms outside for the power generators, that gather the energy we need from the acidic air. Problem is, some unknown creatures appeared from nowhere and began stealing our energy. Sucking our generators dry like parasites. That's why we created the Dome Defense Force,to protect our energy from those creatures, and keep our precious dome running.

Human civilization thrives, life of living for everyone increases to new heights. Scientists and civil engineers design larger and more elaborate cities. The need for more resources and power are required to sustain the living style. Governments around the world agree to pool resources together to create solar collectors to increase and sustain life and comfort of living. Scientists layout steps to build solar collectors. Create spaceship yard as starting point to go to collect raw materials to make solar collectors.